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How to Tell Your Basement Needs Waterproofing — The Signs You Need to Know About

Does Your Basement Need Waterproofing?
— Here’s How To Find Out

Have you recently purchased a new home? Does it have a basement? Or are you considering an upgrade to your existing basement?

Whatever the case, this is an excellent question.

As anyone who’s ever walked into a musty, damp, and overall icky-smelling basement knows, there is little worse than a poorly waterproofed basement.

Of course, there are more subtle signs that you could require basement waterproofing solutions. If you want to figure out if your basement needs a bit of an upgrade, consider the following information.

Take Stock of Your Basement As It Is Now

waterproofingOne of the first steps in determining if your basement waterproofing is not up to snuff is to perform a walkthrough of your basement as it is now. Be sure to walk along the walls and baseboards—if you have them—and look for stains, paint peels, or even dampness. Your ceilings and floors too should be observed with a critical eye. Are you experiencing any cooler temperatures in certain spots? You might also look for any space separation between your walls and floor. If you notice that, it could be a sign your basement isn’t fully waterproofed. You might also take stock of any bugs or signs that insects or animals have been found in the cracks.

The walkthrough of your basement can help you determine if you have any water problems. Should you notice any leaks or water damage, then you need to connect with an expert immediately to assess any damage. Keep in mind, waterproofing is essential to prevent mold or other more serious structural problems for your home.

Conduct a Walkthrough of The Exterior of Your Home

Before you invest in any basement waterproofing solutions, it’s important to make sure you’ve also checked out the exterior of your home. Walking around your home you can make some visual observations, especially where your ground and house meet. Do you notice any boggy or soggy areas around your house. Are there places where the groundwater accumulates? What about cracks, breaks, and holes around the foundation? Do you see any animals living near the foundation or signs they may have previously?

Keep in mind, multiple things can negatively affect your foundation around your basement or home. Over time, the changing of the temperature can distress the bricks and stone. This is why regular inspection of your home’s foundation is so crucial. Waterproofing contractors can give you a better estimate of if there is any damage to your basement by performing an inspection from the exterior of your home.

Look for Mold Or Examine our Basement After a Storm

Mold or mildew is a sure sign of water damage in your basement. It could be coming from a crack in the foundation or it could be leaking from the outside through leaky windows, doors, or walls. So, if you notice any sort of mold, it’s time to reinvest back into your home by hiring waterproofing contractors who know what they’re doing.

Additionally, if you notice water leakage after a rain or snowstorm, then you need to contact a team of professional waterproofing contractors. This requires immediate attention and repairs.

Dry Basement

Get a Dry Basement with Help from Professional Waterproofing Contractors

Do you want to make sure your basement stays dry?

Then you need to connect with our company, Paradigm Home Solutions.

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